Delta Reporting 6 months in production


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Zero downtime and zero data loss in six months of Delta Reporting in production at Evolve Thinking. And DR is just getting better. In those six months we've added a dashboard, promises summary reports, an extensive development test suite, and promise and host trending graphs. And today we release 2.6 with improved SQL injection protection.

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CFEngine best practices: testing



CFEngine's autonomous automation means that your policy, mistakes and all, will be duplicated quickly to all of your hosts. --- Potentially tens of thousands of them. When I taught martial arts it was humbling to watch a class of thirty duplicate my incorrect movement. I didn't know, because I didn't test myself. In martial arts I was simply embarrassed, but in configuration management, mistakes could cost me a raise or even my job. Testing is the paramount best practice for CFEngine. Let me tell you what I have learned.

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