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I used to power my site with Movable Type, but that was removed from Debian. I have another site that is powered by Wordpress, but maintaining it is costly. I have to constantly be on top of security issues, and the built in editor is tedious for a console cowboy like me. I do not use hosting services, because doing it myself helps keep my skills sharp.

After some research I decided to return to static pages, but with a twist. There are tools that will build static pages from templates allowing me to separate content from display, but without the overhead of a database. Further, static pages increase my security.

I first looked at Jekyll. It's Ruby powered and well documented, but the pages it builds to not include tags that are so common in blogs. More searching revealed Statocles.

Statocles is like Jekyll, but power by Perl and does tags. Being a long time Perl hacker this was a perfect fit for me.

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