Cfbot answers your questions on IRC


A robot, courtesy

I've built cfbot an open source IRC helper bot for the #cfengine channel at Freenode. The bot returns definitions of submitted keywords.

I invite you to contribute to this knowledge sharing project. Here are some cfbot examples:

09:09 !cfbot help 09:09 -cfbot:#cfengine- help=Usage: !cfbot will return information about the keyword. I am case insensitive. Try !cfbot topics to see a list of available topics.

09:09 !cfbot about 09:09 -cfbot:#cfengine- about=I am a Perl script running under Irssi. I am open source: See Help for more info.

09:10 !cfbot topics 09:10 -cfbot:#cfengine- Available topics: About, Best Practices, Bugs, DH, DR, EFL, Frameworks, Help, NCF, Rudder, Support `

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