Mustache template in CFEngine


Here's a quick example of how to use mustache templates in CFEngine.

The policy

body common control
        bundlesequence => { "main", };

bundle agent main
         "home_star" string => "sol";
         "planets" slist => { "mercury", "venus", "earth" };
         "a[moon]" string => "luna";

         "a[star]" slist => { "rigel", "vega", "polaris" };

         "earth" data => parsejson('
               "oceans" : [ "atlantic", "pacific", "indian", "arctic" ],
               "seas" : [ "caribbean", "dead", "black", "coral" ],
               "position" : "3",
               "orbit" : "1au",

         create          => 'true',
         template_method => 'mustache',
         edit_defaults   => empty,
         edit_template   => '${sys.workdir}/inputs/mustache.tmp';

body edit_defaults empty
   empty_file_before_editing => 'true';

The template

This file is edited by CFEngine and is always in place.

The star is {{vars.main.home_star}}.
{{#vars.main.planets}}{{.}} is a planet.

But {{vars.main.a[moon]}} is a moon.

Some stars are:
{{#vars.main.a[star]}}{{.}}, {{/vars.main.a[star]}}.

Earth is planet number {{position}}, at an orbit of {{orbit}}.
Oceans include {{#oceans}} {{.}},{{/oceans}}.
Seas include {{#seas}} {{.}},{{/seas}}.

As always, my best practice is to empty the original file and start fresh. Editing files in place can lead to problem. Also, note that I do not use the in-line template_data. I prefer to define my data elsewhere, in this case vars, to make the promise more reusable. Other notable details are:

  • {{#classes.solar_system}} starts the beginning of a class block. Unlike CFEngine's normal code this block must be ended with {{/classes.solar_system}}. Everything in-between is evaluated when the class solar_system is true.

  • Strings take the form of {{}} as seen in {{vars.main.home_star}} and {{vars.main.a[moon]}}. It's best to avoid arrays and use JSON data containers instead. Arrays in CFEngine are not first class data objects. They are specially named strings that are parsed to be identified as pseudo arrays.

  • {{#vars.main.planets}} starts the iteration of the list main.planets. Everything between that and {{/vars.main.planets}} will be duplicated for each element in the list. Each element will be printed where {{.}} is found.

  • {{}} tells the agent to begin iterating through the JSON data container called earth. From there you can use short forms of the JSON data like {{position}} for the string position and {{#oceans}} {{.}},{{/oceans}} for the list oceans and the element position.

  • Note that unlike old style CFEngine templates, mustache templates will print all duplicate lines.

The resulting file

This file is edited by CFEngine and is always in place.

The star is sol.
mercury is a planet.
venus is a planet.
earth is a planet.

But luna is a moon.

Some stars are:
rigel, vega, polaris, .

Earth is planet number 3, at an orbit of 1au.
Oceans include  atlantic, pacific, indian, arctic,.
Seas include  caribbean, dead, black, coral,.
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