Testing CFEngine policy by counting classes



I've added a new bundle to the 3.5 branch of EFL. This bundle efl_test_count allows you to count the classes matching a regular expression and test if that count matches your expected count. Consider the efl_service bundle, it promises that services are configured and running. My SSH parameters for this bundle include a template file for configuration. I promise that /etc/ssh/sshd_config is built from the sshd_config.tmp, a template.

Paramters for efl_service

any ;;        /usr/sbin/sshd ;;        /etc/ssh/sshd_config ;;        /var/cfengine/sitefiles/ssh/sshd_config.tmp ;;        efl_global_slists.policy_servers ;;        yes ;;        no ;;        600 ;;        root ;;        root ;;        ${paths.path[service]} ssh restart ;;        Neil Watson

Looking at EFL I know that these promises will promise /etc/ssh/sshd_config.

From efl_service

"${${config_file[${s}]}}" -> { "${${promisee[${s}]}}" }
   comment       => "Promise contents of configurationn file from template",
   handle        => "efl_service_files_config_template",
   classes       => efl_rkn( "${${config_file[${s}]}}", "efl_service_files_config_template" ),
   action        => efl_delta_reporting( "efl_service_files_config_template", "${${config_file[${s}]}}", "${${promisee[${s}]}}", "1" ),
   create        => "true",
   edit_defaults => empty,
   ifvarclass    => canonify( "build_from_template_${${source_file[${s}]}}_${s}" ),
   edit_template => "${efl_c.cache}/${${config_file[${s}]}}";

"${${config_file[${s}]}}" -> { "${${promisee[${s}]}}" }
   comment    => "Promise permissions of configuration file",
   handle     => "efl_service_files_config_permissions",
   classes    => efl_rkn( "${${config_file[${s}]}}", "efl_service_files_config_permissions" ),
   action     => efl_delta_reporting( "efl_service_files_config_permissions", "${${config_file[${s}]}}", "${${promisee[${s}]}}", "1" ),
   ifvarclass => "${${class[${s}]}}",
   perms      => mog( "${${mode[${s}]}}", "${${user[${s}]}}", "${${group[${s}]}}" );

EFL creates classes if a promise is kept, repaired, or not kept. This is primarily used for Delta Reporting, but you can use it for testing too. The classes attribute calls the body efl_rkn. Let's look at it.

The body accepts the promiser and the handle. These are combined and postfixed with the promise result. This makes promise outcome classes predictable.

How EFL makes class results

body classes efl_rkn( promiser, handle )
   promise_kept      => { "${promiser}_handle_${handle}_kept" };
   promise_repaired  => { "${promiser}_handle_${handle}_repaired" };
   repair_failed     => { "${promiser}_handle_${handle}_notkept" };
   repair_denied     => { "${promiser}_handle_${handle}_notkept" };
   repair_timeout    => { "${promiser}_handle_${handle}_notkept" };

Thus I can predict what classes should be created when efl_service processes my SSH parameters. efl_test_count expects a parameter file described below.

From efl_test_count

bundle agent efl_test_count( ref )
      "purpose" string => "Skeleton bundle for new bundle authoring";
      "field_0" string => "Context expression";
      "field_1" string => "Class regex to test";
      "field_2" string => "Expected number classes that match the regex";
      "field_3" string => "Test name, free form like promisee";

Combining my knowledge I can now predict that promises for /etc/ssh/sshd_config should create two classes. I put an expression into the efl_test_count parameter file. Note, that I've added escaped new lines for readability, but in practice this must be on one line due to how CFEngine reads parameter files.

Parameters for efl_test_count

# class ;; test_class regex ;; count ;; test name
policy_testing ;;        _etc_ssh_sshd_config_handle_efl_service_files_config.*?_kept ;;        2 ;;        Promising /etc/ssh/sshd_config

The regular expression should match my two outcome promises. Plug all this in to EFL, see here for details EFL integration instructions. Now I run it.


root@oort:~# cf-agent -KD policy_testing|grep 'R:'
2014-09-19T10:45:53-0400   notice: R: PASS, [_etc_ssh_sshd_config_handle_efl_service_files_config.*?_kept], [Promising /etc/ssh/sshd_config]

This is just a quick look at EFL, how it works, and its new testing bundles. Don't forget the companion previous post. I invite you further explore the power of EFL and Delta Reporting. Feel free to contact me with any questions you have or to seek support using EFL and Delta Reporting.

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