Testing CFEngine policy



After 2 productive days at Devopsdays Toronto I've been thinking more about how to test CFEngine policy. Not just prototype, but production tests too. The ideal situation is that a machine tests your would-be production policy and then deploys it fully if the test suite passes. This is completely automatic. How do we get there?

In my blog about CFEngine best practices: testing I discussed unit testing, and test reporting. Let's expand on that. I've recently created a new bundle in EFL for testing. If you are familiar with Perl's Test::More you will recognize the form. Efl_test_simple tests whether or not a class is defined, you decide if the class being defined is a pass or fail. The test class is actually a regular expression for added flexibility.

We usually judge a promise's success with classes. The classes attribute can define classes based on success, repair, or failure. EFL promises define classes if kept, repaired, or

not kept automatically. These classes are in a predictable format:

<canonized promiser>_handle_<promise handle>_<kept, notkept, or repaired>

If you know the expected class you can test for its existence. Elf_test_simple lets you define a test for a class and will return a pass or fail. As with all EFL bundles we use an external parameter file. It's data may look like this:

# class ;; test class ;; is or isnt true ;; name of test
run_my_tests ;; _var_cfengine_modules_mymodule_pl_efl_command_commands_repaired ;; is ;; My module pass if 'repaired'
run_my_tests ;; negative_test_never ;; is ;; Negative test, should always fail
run_my_tests ;; danger_class ;; isnt ;; Fail if class is defined

If the agent is run with run_my_tests as true reports are generated.

cf-agent -KD run_my_tests|grep 'R:'
2014-09-15T12:13:16-0400   notice: R: PASS, _var_cfengine_modules_mymodule_pl_handle_efl_command_commands_repaired, My module pass if 'repaired'
2014-09-15T12:13:16-0400   notice: R: FAIL, negative_test_never, Negative test, should always fail
2014-09-15T12:13:16-0400   notice: R: PASS,  danger_class, Fail if class is defined

The test class can be a regular expression, so you could test for .failed* to flag any failed promises from EFL. Did you know that you can use EFL's class body elfrkn to define kept, not kept, and repaired classes for your own custom promises?

Third party testing

To be extra sure of your policy you could use a tool other than CFEngine to test CFEngine policy outcome. This eliminates false test results due to CFEngine bugs. There are open source system test tool available. Currently I'm looking at Serverspec. Serverspec is a Ruby based tool that can examine a local or remote host using SSH and Sudo. Visit Serverspec for installation instructions and note that a major new release is due in October. Here's an example spec file that tests SSHD.

~/src/serverspec$ cat spec/localhost/ssh_spec.rb 
require 'spec_helper'

describe package('openssh-server') do
  it { should be_installed }

describe service('/usr/sbin/sshd') do
  it { should be_running   }

describe port(22) do
  it { should be_listening }

describe file('/etc/ssh/sshd_config') do
  it { should be_file }

There are four tests.

  1. The package openssh-server must be installed.

  2. The process /usr/sbin/sshd must be running.

  3. A service on port 22 must answer.

  4. The file /etc/ssh/sshd_config must exist and a be regular file.

When I run it I'm prompted for my password to use with Sudo.

$ rake spec
/tool/pandora64/.package/ruby-1.9.3-p0/bin/ruby -S rspec spec/localhost/ssh_spec.rb

Finished in 7.29 seconds
4 examples, 0 failures

The number of tests available is extensive, making Serverspec a good option for third party testing.

I've only scratched the surface of devops style testing, but hopefully you'll see the potential. I hope to follow up with more on testing the in future.

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