Profiling policy performance in CFEngine


Loïc Pefferkorn has created the cfe-profiler. It is a library that times the execution of CFEngine bundles in your policy. Let's take a look.

Here is the output from one of my production hosts:

# LD_PRELOAD=/home/neil/src/cfe-profiler/ cf-agent

Cfe-profiler-0.1: a CFEngine profiler -

*** Sorted by wall-clock time ***

Time(s) Namespace            Type               Bundle
   3.30   default           agent             efl_main
   3.14   default           agent          efl_bug2638
   1.20   default           agent          efl_service
   0.58   default           agent         efl_packages
   0.53   default          common                paths
   0.36   default           agent                email
   0.31   default           agent       efl_copy_files
   0.27   default           agent         postfix_main

Cfe-profiler list the execution time of each bundle in descending order. A bundle like cfl_main calls many other bundles. Its time is an accumulation of all the bundles it calls. Those with large complex policies will welcome this tool. Keep up the good work Loïc!

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