PCRE cheatsheet


Although similar to Perl, PCRE has some syntax that can be difficult to remember. When I'm working with CFEngine I often have to look it up. Here is a cheat-sheet to save time.

Description Syntax Note
Case insensitive (?i) Place at the beginning of the expression.
Class [ ] \d and [0-9-] are equivalent.
Digit \d \D for anything that is not a digit.
Lookahead, negative (?!*pattern*
Lookahead, positive (?=*pattern*
Lookbehind, negative (?<!*pattern*
Lookbehind, positive (?<=*pattern*
None capture grouping (?:)Group for logic and selection, but not capture.
Multi-line match (?m) Place at the beginning of the expression. Similar to Perl's m//g.
Extened regex (mxs) Use this to make your regexes readable. A regex best practice.
No magic \Q \E No special meaning to any characters between these.
Range {n,m} Minimum of *n*, maximum of *m*.
Whitespace \s \S for anything that is not whitespace.


  1. Beginning settings are combined. For example (?mi) considers multiple lines and is case insensitive.

  2. Make your regexes readable by using the extened regex options. Consider this:


    Versus this:

    (?imsx)(?: linux | solaris | aix | hpux )

Now imagine using it on a very complex regex. See here for a more complex example.

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