Efficiency, doing more with less

Not every project has to break the budget. Experience and an eye for efficiency can help you do more with less.

Staff reinforcement

Give your staff experienced temporary help during those crunch times.


Reduce licensing cost

Not every product or service needs a multi billion dollar vendor. Open source products can offer comparable results for a fraction of the cost.

Reduce support cost

Popular open source products often have a large community of users. This can be an exceptional resource for a fraction of the big vendor cost. Read my blog entry about how you can save.


During a bleeding edge project using Red Hat’s Enterprise Virtualization product I had close contact with developers, architects and leaders at Red Hat. Find out what I learned and how RHEV can help your bottom line.

Reduce hardware cost

Run more hosts on less hardware. Consolidate and save cost.

Reduce facility cost

Less physical hosts means less rack space, less power and less cooling. Be green and save money.

Reduce provisioning cost

Deploy new hosts using virtualization templates for less time and cost.

Self healing systems

I am a recognized expert in Cfengine.

Reduce provisioning cost

Provision dissimilar operating systems using just one product for less cost.

Reduce unplanned outage cost

Smart agents detect and repair faults automatically. Save on incident response cost.

Reduce audit and compliance cost

Smart agents continually enforce PCI and other security policies. Save on audit cost. Read my blog entry about how you can save.

Business continuity

Disaster recovery, equipment moves and large scale maintenance outages, I’ve been there. I can help you prepare and perfect your plan. Did you know that you increase capacity by using your DR site all of the time? Find out how to get a better ROI on your DR hardware.