A brief overview of Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization


Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization is a fairly new product offering from Red Hat. Red Hat acquired RHEV when they purchased Qumranet in September 2008. Qumranet created KVM when they created a Windows desktop virtualization product . RHEV is the evolution of that product and in the hands of Red Hat it offers a virtualization solution for both desktops and servers, Linux and Windows.

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Subversion Cheatsheet


Add to working copy svn add
Backup to hot copy hot-backup.py /opt/svn /opt/svn-backup
Change log view svn log file:///opt/svn/scripts/firewall/firewall-new
Checkout svn checkout file:///opt/svn/profile
Commit changes svn commit --message "Your log message"
Copy to working copy svn copy
Create respository svnadmin create --fs-type fsfs /opt/svn
Delete from working copy svn delete
Diff changes svn diff
Initial Import svn import . file:///opt/svn --message "Initial import"
Merging to current directory svn merge
Move file in working copy svn move
Remote Checkout svn checkout svn+ssh://@/opt/svn/
Revert all changes svn revert
Review changes svn status
Review commit log svn log
Update working copy svn update (may overwrite changes)
View file svn cat file:///opt/svn/profile/.profile
View repository tree svnlook tree /opt/svn