December 2011 Archives

IPV6 migration part 3

We continue in this series by having a quick look at a dual stack VPS host.

VIM profile

Here is a useful record of VIM settings for when I'm away from home base.

IPV6 migration part 2

In this part of the series we will learn how to make a service run on an IPV6 address.

IPV6 migration part 1

The first step in my exploration of IPV6 was to get an IPV6 address via an IPV4 to IPV6 tunnel. A little research lead me to the fine folks at SixXS.

Learn IPV6 migration

In the coming weeks or months I will be posting my experiences testing IPV6 and hopefully migrating to IPV6 Internet services, including this website. I hope you will return here and learn from my experiences.